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Who We Are

We buy your products and resell them on Amazon where hundreds of millions of customers shop each month. It is completely hassle free. No prior knowledge required. We grow sales and support your brand with our ability to execute on Amazon.​

We bring more sales for you on Amazon.

Our Teams​

Let us handle the mundane, so you can get back to what you love.​ We carry and handle your products by professionally taking care of the listings, logistics, marketing, inventory management, price monitoring and platform integration for you.​

Why Us?

We are the industry LEADER!​ We developed world-class proprietary algorithms to help us scale and bring more brand awareness for your products.​ We are a public company listed on the NASDAQ: HOUR. As a TOP seller on Amazon, we are trusted by millions of customers.

How Do We Do It?​

We identify product gaps and keep them in stock all year round.​ Our advanced algorithms allow us to manage hundreds of thousands of SKUs and excel in product selection, marketing, sales forecast, and cost reduction.​


Our service is completely​​ FREE.​ In fact, we pay you for the products, you do not pay us. We do not charge service fees or do dropships.
We take possession of inventories and inherit the inventory risks.


We do business with integrity. We would respect your pricing policies and coordinate with your strategies. We strive to build long-term partnerships. As a result, we are highly recommended in the industry. Hour Loop is the ideal brand ambassador for you.

Our Partners and What They are Saying

Ed- EVP of North America Sales and Asia Commercial Sales of Enesco

“We started our partnership with Hour Loop nearly 9 years ago. As a 3P partner they have grown to be one of Enesco’s top customers. Their expertise with Amazon makes them a great partner that learns our business, recommends the best way to gain additional traction on the platform in order to grow the business while keeping our brand’s integrity.  We highly recommend Hour Loop as a 3P partner!”

Peter- President of Hape

“With our educational and sustainable toys, we want to bring joy to children from around the world, and we are happy doing it together with our partner Hour Loop!”

Fred- President of Mud Pie

“We’ve partnered with Hour Loop for five years, and our business has grown five fold! The Hour Loop organization is true master of the Amazon platform, and wonderful brand ambassadors for Mud Pie. Hour Loop is committed to building inventory in order to maximize sales. Mud Pie is proud to be a core product line for Hour Loop!”

Peter- Vice President of Kurt Adler

“Kurt S. Adler, Inc. has been working with Hour Loop for 6 years and in that time, we have grown our business 8-fold. We continue to grow with new categories and to expand existing ones. It is a pleasure working with Hour Loop as they understand the business as well as the operational components of both the seller’s platform and the vendor’s abilities, thus ensuring success for all involved. We look forward to continuing our growing relationship for many years to come.”

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